Punjabi Farmer Groups ‘Reject’ Invite To Delhi Meeting


A group that consists of over  30 farmers’ organisations in Punjab, as well as the Kisan Mazdur Sangarash Committee (KMSC), yesterday rejected an offer to a meeting in Delhi. The meeting was to be chaired by the Union agriculture secretary. The date of the meeting was today and was to clear the ‘misunderstanding’ about the three contentious farm Acts.

The Punjabi farmer’s group made it plain that they would talk to the central government and not any bureaucrat.

These organisations also declared their intention to continue the protests. These protests including laying siege to the rail tracks. In a meeting convened at Chandigarh on Wednesday, the farmer groups decided to hold a two-hour highway blockade across Punjab on October 9 to protest against the crackdown on protesting farmers at Sirsa in Haryana.

Jagjit Singh Dalewal, president of Bhartiya Kisan Union (Sidhupur) and coordinator of all the farmers’ organisations, said they have given an ultimatum to the Punjab chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh to call a special session of the state legislative assembly against the three farm Acts before October 15. “If the Punjab Congress government fails to do this, protesting farmers’ organisations will be forced to boycott the Congress party like the BJP.” Farmers’ organisations will hold their next meeting at Chandigarh on October 15 to decide the further course of action.

About the reason for not refusing to attend, Dalewal said that they had received a letter from the Union agriculture secretary stating that he was inviting farmers’ representatives for the meeting ‘personally’ to clear their ‘misunderstanding’ about farm Acts. “We are ready to talk to the Union government, but we know that an IAS officer cannot do anything in a personal meeting. We also know there is no other option than talks to resolve the issue.”


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