Punjabi Folk Singer Gurmeet Kaur Bawa Honoured By New Zealand Parliment


The house of representative of New Zealand recently honoured the well-known Punjabi folk singer, Gurmeet Kaur Bawa for her contribution to Punjabi folk singing around the world. Gurmeet Kaur Bawa was also honoured for her record of exceptional accomplishments in folk music.

Gurmeet Bawa has won several awards in the past including the Shromani Gayika Award for her Punjabi folk songs. Bawa is best known for her Hek. At her peak, Gurmeet could hold her Hek for over 45 seconds.

We all salute you Gurmeet Kaur Bawa!

Gurmeet Bawa being honoured in 2016, she stunned the crowd by dropping a Hek and Jugni (2 minutes 35 seconds in).


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