Punjabi Language Music Is The Second Most Consumed Music In India


Hungama Music, one of the leading music streaming platforms in the country owned by Hungama Digital Media, today released the first Sound of Fame report revealing usage trends observed on its platform and sharing insights on music streaming habits of its users.

2.9X growth in time spent listening and 3X growth in the number of streams since 2017

  • 2.9X growth in time spent listening and 3X growth in the number of streams since 2017
  • Acumulative of 145 million hours spent by users streaming music
  • Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka stream music the most with 16%, 12% and 10% contribution to national stream numbers respectively
  • An increasing preference for non-Hindi content with other languages contributing 48% to total streams; at 15% contribution Punjabi emerges as the second most streamed language after Hindi
  • Remakes and remixes rule the charts and comprise one-fourth of Bollywood music’s consumption
  • 48% growth in its user base since 2017
  • number of streams tripled since the year before,
  • users downloaded 40 million songs in 2018

Speaking about the report, Hungama Digital Media Founder and CEO Neeraj Roy said, “The last few years have completely altered the music streaming landscape in the country. Affordable data plans and increasing smartphone usage are fast making streaming the go-to mode of music consumption for consumers. With urban India contributing steadily to the number of mobile data users and Tier II and III cities expected to charge ahead, the industry needs to focus on developing new models to monetize, beyond subscriptions and advertising.”


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