Punjabi Music & Social Media Awards: The No Bribes, No Poonj 2019


Its that time of the year again, oh yes, the Punjabi Music And Social Media Awards are back. No Bribes, No Poonj Awards 2019! This is the Punjabi wrap for 2019 (Dec 1st 2018 – Nov 30th 2019). If you are out for the festive season or have relatives coming over. Then being stuck for something to talk about is no longer an issue. We have it all covered, news, music, viral stories. We have got your backs!

The No Bribes, No Poonj Awards are decided without any outside interference, so unlike so many awards that ask for people to vote, we don’t. We don’t take bribes, instead, we use data and we don’t suck up to no one hence the No Poonj (pretty crude). Anyway, before we start Harjap Bhangal – Inspiration to many, get well soon!

Punjabi Music & Social Media Awards: The No Bribes, No Poonj 2019

The Man That Ruled The Punjabi Music World 2019 –  Sidhu Moose Wala (Consistent quality of releases, Charted in the mainstream and a huge international tour) No other Punjabi artist was streamed/viewed more than Sidhu Moose Wala in 2019

The Woman That Ruled The Punjabi Music World 2019 – Gurlez Akhtar (Huge amount of releases, worked with most artists and involved in some of this year’s biggest duet songs) No other Punjabi Female artist was streamed/viewed more than Gurlez Akhtar in 2019

Best Male Breakthrough Act 2019 – R Nait
A string of huge hits from Defaulter to Lootera, amazing year!

Best Female Breakthrough Act 2019 – Afsana Khan
Huge duet collaborations, reputation grew per release as 2019 went on. 2020 will be big for this lady.

Best Music Producer 2019 –  The Kidd (Morniyee, Poison, Legend, Bille Bille Naina Waliye, that’s just 4 of hits)

Anthem of 2019 –  Don’t Look
Parties, weddings, mehfils Don’t Look is one of the stand-out tunes of 2019, No Need also by Karan Aujla pushed it close

Best Video of 2019 –  47
To See some A Sardar in the mainstream charts is huge, to have Banglez, Mist and Steflon Don in the same video is also huge!

Most Underrated Male of 2019 –  Big Boi Deep 
A singer who has his own style and delivery. Big Boi Deep is apart of the Brown Boyz camp and Homicide blew up this year! Heard of him yet? Press Play 

Most Underrated Female 2019 –  Jasmine Akhtar
A great voice and on-stage presence. Often overlooked due the success of her sister Gurlez Akhtar. 2020 promises so much more for Jasmine

Best Album 2019 – The PropheC
The Season was an album that saw PropheC go from Niche to Mainstream Punjabi! Superb

Best DJ of 2019 – DJ Frenzy
Hosting club nights in new territories, playing at the biggest Indian mainstream events of the year. Add to that a consistent stream of releases.

Best Punjabi Pop Artist  2019 – Guru Randhawa
This man is huge, he has transcended the Punjabi scene akin to how Honey Singh did 10 years ago. He is now THE go-to Punjabi artists for Indian music fans! Take a bow young man!

Best Folk Punjabi Song 2019 – Udhne Sapoliye – Jazzy B
New Year’s day Jazzy B and The Jassi Bros. dropped this and it has been fire all year round!

Best Duet Song 2019 – Dabda Kithe Aa (R Nait & Gurlez Akhtar)
One of the hardest categories of the year, so many strong songs but this was streamed, viewed by more than any other duet in 2019. Thank Mr Maan and his election campaign for this.

Best Punjabi Balad/Love song of 2019 – Wang Da Nap (Ammy Virk)
Isn’t everyone just in love with this? Huge for Ammy Virk in 2019 and this has blessed so many occasions in 2019!

Best New Wave Lyricist 2019 – Sidhu Moose Wala 
Countless songs in 2019, a new writing style that is very much his own. Tough call this category as so many are now writing in this new style.
Best Traditional Lyricist 2019 – R Nait
Sukh Sandhu was a close second, but R Nait has really shone through this year especially having written all his own huge hits.

The pair teamed up on the song Poison and this is fire!

Innovation in Music Award – Steel Banglez
The man is running things and he didn’t just dip his toe into the Punjabi scene again, he dived in and came up for air with a smile on his face!

Best  Radio DJ Male (UK) – AJD
This man has made his Radio slot his own and added to his growing reputation with mixes and a great radio presence.AJD has added to his reputation in 2019 like very few other Radio DJ’s.

Best Radio DJ Female – DJ Harpz
The lady wakes the nation up, the energy and drive set people up for the day! Superb year for Harpz

Best Punjabi Film 2019 –  Ardaas 2
A film that took box offices by storm, not just in Punjab and India but Canada, UK, Australia and other territories. Punjabis fell in love with part 2 of the franchise.

Best Punjabi Soundtrack 2019 – Shada
A film that was huge, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa stole the show here. The soundtrack though was easily one of the best Punjabi Movie soundtracks of 2019. Tommy, Shadaa, Expensive, Mehndi, Mehfil, Mor all super hit songs.

Social Media For Comedy Innovation 2019 – AKTV
Continues to raise the bar with innovation and comedy gold!

Best New Punjabi Comedy Act 2019 – Brampton Grand
Out of nowhere and has now been in every Punjabi what’s app group conversation around the globe!


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Social Media & More (Click the red links to go straight to the story and videos)

The That thing I said – Can I Take It Back Please AwardGurdas Maan
One radio interview, a quote taken out of context? A state revolted against him like never before!

Most Innovative use of going Live on Facebook KS Makhan returning his Amrit
Y’all know this was pretty crazy! Why go ‘live’?  Who called the cameras?!?!

Did you really Need to ‘Go Live’ on Social Media AwardKS Makahn (See above)
Still so many questions!!

Most Viral Punjabi Story of 2019 The Wolves Wedding What’s App Stories 
If every Punjabi opens up whats app they will have a video of this wedding. In addition, they will also have a creative but made-up version of events that account for that night’s actions. Simply the most viral story of the year.

Most Viral Punjabi Video of the yearThe Wolves Wedding
See above lol. Even DJ H from Kudos has never gone viral like this. Everyone had the story, videos and DJ H on repeat.

The Punjabi Customer Services Award for 2019 –  Shimmers v Sherwani
Well just watch the events that took place and you can see why this became viral

Not So Honest Dr AwardDr Ranj Dumping His Wife!!

The Most Consistent Performer During Wedding Season AJD ‘s white jeans
Waking up on a Monday morning to pics of AJD’s legs in whats app groups needs to stop!

Beef of the Year Male Sidhu Moose Wala v Everyone
The man loves it, from Jass Manak, Geet Mp3, Karan Aujla to Sippy Gill he has had back and forths with them all and more! He is the Punjabi Beef King.

Beef of the year Female Himanshi Khuruna v Shenaz Gill
This came out of nowhere and lasted for a whole year. It went from a domestic incident to a national one when the pair ended up on India’s Big Boss.

Biggest Punjabi song massacred by Bollywood Don’t Be Shy
Dr Zeus rightly so lost it, no credits, no mentions! It all went off! A year of poor remakes from Bollywood, but this one takes the biscuit for the way it was released.

Snitch Of The Year Goes ToRami Randhawa
The Elly Managt v Rami Randhawa beef was quite amusing. The agreed to have a fight, but when Elly turns up he is arrested and kept inside by the Punjab Police! Rami, on the other hand, was watching Star Plus with his feet up hmmmmmmmm.

Biggest YouTube Blag Of The YearBadsha and Sony Music
The most views for a song in one day was the claim! YouTube never acknowledged it, never put the song in its charts and as a result changed the way it counts its charts. Sony and Badsha had claimed over 70 million views in one day! Youtube said No! LOL

Best Video With No Budget – Gachi Rangla Sardar 
This is pure fun and straight-up desi! This is how things should be done!

The Thank F**k you didn’t reappear in 2019 awardCali Bains
Well, seen as the 12-minute film was not forthcoming, then yeah! Boooooooo

Most annoying Punjabi celebrity of 2019 – Monty Panesar
We all have a soft spot for Monty Panesar, but this man was everywhere. He was even outside parliament covering Brexit! I suppose Monty did have a book to push. The only Punjabi with an Out Of Context Twitter account dedicated to him. Did Monty set this up about himself though?

Social Media Personality Of The Year 2019 Male – Monty Panesar
See Above LOL, Come on though he has to be taking this piss?

Viral Song Of The Year – Me V Changa, Maa Ve Changi
This song was everywhere, meme pages, what’s app groups! This is one for the festive time of year when unannounced guests turn up for sure. We dare you to stick this on the playlist.

Award For Most Over The Top Pomp In A Video – 80% of Singgas tunes in 2019
This man loves it, Jatt Da Clip see’s him getting Dubai royalty to bring him, someone, to kill. In the hotel, he thinks it’s his own. Other songs of his have seen him take over mansions. You know what though, it is so over the top we love it!

15 Minutes of Fame Award – Soni Crew – They won our hearts and minds

Well That Didn’t End Well Award – Soni Crew (THE SPLIT LOL) Know They Hate Each Other 

Impressed With Their Own Importance Award 2019 – Daily Ent. Xpress
I mean come on, we are a website for god’s sake and yet we are calling shots like this! 

On That Note!  Here are our top 100 songs from November 30th 2018 – Dec 10th 2019 (Click the 1/100 icon to see the full list of songs)



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