TrueView Ad’s – They Legitimized Buying Views & Got Paid!


Punjabi Music YouTube Ads: As people are aware we here at Daily Ent. Xpress have had issues with Punjabi media companies and record labels calling us out on our non-organic views guide. So today we lift the lid on the type of ads they are using for views.

But they do not count towards the actual Official YouTube charts! That might be news to them.

True View Ads were not first and foremost created for the music scene. These ads were for gaming view-counts. These type of ads are not designed for music videos. Record label boffins from Latin America and Asia worked out that if you purchased these ads they became a “safe and sanctioned way to help your view-count up inside of the YouTube system,” according to one label employee.

The principle behind TrueView ads is simple: An artist pays to have his video ran as an advertisement in front of other videos. Say, for example, that Badshaah wanted to push his new release ‘Paagal’ all over Asia and not just India. He would have paid for TrueView ads, YouTube users in those countries would encounter a shortened version of the “Paagal” clip before whatever other video they wanted to watch.

Now the good thing about this kind of ad for the artist is the person watching does not have to do much at all. If the user interacts with the ad or watches it for a certain amount of seconds — then a view is added to the “Paagal” video’s count. Music fans outside of India do not have to search out the “Paagal” clip or visit the official video’s page to add to its views. Just by sitting passively and waiting, they will contribute to its play count.

The downside of these ads for music labels, they do not count towards the official music charts compiled by YouTube itself. So talk about pissing money up the wall!

“YouTube basically legitimized buying views,” – By selling labels TrueAds and then not using that count towards the songs charting! Who wins this round? Try YouTubes bank manager!

Another reason that TrueView ads might have particular prevalence in the Indian market is that these campaigns are cheaper to run outside of the U.S. An PR executive from a well-known music company told us that £1,000 might get an artist between 600,000 and 1 million views. In the UK or the US to get this amount of views you would be paying £4000-5000. The cheapest views come from countries like Turkey, the Philippines, and India.

Promoting a new video with TrueView ads is supposed to function like a squirt of lighter fluid on smoldering coals. “You say, this is just giving me a head start so the song appears to have a strong release,” the executive explains.

So if you want to know how popular a song really is on YouTube – Watch the count after 10 days of figures. So if it is on 10 million on day 10 and only 11 million after 21 days! That is the real picture of popularity for the song!


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