Punjabi Short Movie – Manzil – Jaggi Nanowal


Rehaan Records have took the innovative step of adding short movies to their stable, and the first such project is the short Punjabi Movie – Manzil. Manzil is project by Deep Rehaan & Sukh Bajwa and stars Jaggi Nanowal & Kuldeep Sujjon.

Manzil looks at the plight of people who come from Punjab to work in foreign countries and who are then led astray by the lure of easy money and friends in fake circles.  Is it the best short movie you might watch? Possibly not, is it a good start? Damn right it is…

Enjoy and let’s see more of these

Movie: Manzil
Starting : Jaggi Nanowal & Kuldeep Sujjon
DOP : Biswajeet Mohanty
Editer : Dhiman Productions
Producer : Sandeep Rehaan
Project by : Deep Rehaan & Sukh Bajwa
Label ; Rehaan Records


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