Punjabi Singer Kuldeep Rasila Goes In On Jasmine Sandlas


Kuldeep Rasila is a singer who has been on the  Punjabi music scene since he was a child. He has worked with various artists on the duet scene and he also well known for his duki songs, which first put him on the map.

Now, out of the blue during an interview, he has launched a scathing attack on Punjabi singer and woman of the moment Jasmine Sandlas. Kuldeep has attacked her vocal ability and claims that she is not a singer! Kuldeep Rasila is someone who has never courted controversy, but a recent decline in sales may have been the catalyst for this attack.

It certainly does seem out of character for Kuldeep to go down this route, but if it was publicity he was after, well he has it. But, this outburst may well have cost him some fans, as it feels like something you can see straight through!

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