Punjabi Singers & India Net Worth – Via Royal Addiction


Go to YouTube and one of the most searched terms is “Latest Punjabi Song” so just like everything else, the Internet is slowly being taken over by Punjabi’s. But, does that reflect in wealth and income?

Now, the following video, how big is that pinch of salt that you take this with? I think it may need to be large!

The guys at Royal Addict, have compiled a list of the top 10 Punjabi singers and their net worth in India. The list has been circulating for about the last 10 weeks, no one knows where or how it was generated, but, hey that has never stopped us on this site before lol.

How accurate do you think it is? The artists are not in any order of wealth, but one thing we do agree on is the number 1 artist and his net worth in India.

Agree/Disagree check it out here 


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