Punjabi Wolves Feat In The Wolves FA Cup ‘Song’


FA Cup songs who remembers them? Well Wolves are bringing back the tradition it seems and this one features the Punjabi Wolves! So how dare we not feature it!

The song like many FA Cup songs is  not a deep passionate lyrically moving track but a simple song that Wolves fans have been singing fora few months now and it after getting support from fans and supporters group Phil Palmer has bought the song to live!

A video has been made to accompany the song, featuring Britain’s Got Talent star Jean Martyn, from Brewood, the Punjabi Wolves supporters group and children from Wodensfield Primary School, where Phil attended as a child.

Phil Palmer when speaking to the Express and Star said: “I started it a few years back and I was thinking about how Wolves were doing and thought let’s have a look at it again and see what we can do. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t got the best voices.

“When Punjabi Wolves heard it they were all singing the song. They said they guarantee they will be singing that at Wembley. That would be nice.

“Jean Martyn makes a cameo in the video, it’s a bit of a lark around and the kids are all clapping their hands.

“I’ve been in music all my life and it is time to do something for someone else. I’ve had family members with Alzheimer’s, I’ve seen it going round and playing in homes and the effect of it. It needs every bit of help and it seemed like a good thing to do.”

He added: “My dad Ken, who is 96, used to go to Molineux and got me going to games in the 50s. I enjoyed every minute of it.

“At this point in his life for Wolves to have come back and be doing really well, I’m so pleased for him.”


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