Putt Panj Daryavan De & J-Skillz Talks “Punjabi Gangster Music”


Each and everyday we push new tracks that are released via our platform. The amount of tracks that we see highlighting how rich people are and how gangster they are, can sometimes become so frivolous that you end up just watching them with disdain and large amount of humour.

So, when we come across a video and track, that features the issues that people face daily in the Pind and across Panjab, the need to highlight is something that we cant fight.

Of course, we understand that music is escapism, and so indulging in a fantasy life can be quite pleasurable, the issue arises when people blur the lines and between fantasy and reality, this is something that no one can control but you the listener/viewer.

Peer pressure to be like those in the videos is something you and you alone control, wanting that lavish lifestyle is the dream of many, but understanding that those you see on screen are just entertaining is something people need to grasp.


As kids, artists have a dream, and that dream is to be recorded, and to put out what they perceive as their talent to the public, they look to imitate those who have inspired them, mimicking is an art form to do not think this is the actual lifestyle. On many occasions I have been with artists who are struggling to make ends meet, yet will put on such a front that I actually question how they can look at themselves in a mirror, as they have blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, it is easily done by artists, so we can see why fans follow, but grasp the realness, do not fall for the hype.

Everyone is hating on gangster related Panjabi music, saying it influences the young and the easy led, trust me, it is not just the music that has done this, so many other factors are at play, you may not control every aspect of social society but what you can do is use your judgement to control what you are in control of.

This weekend is VaIsakhi and with that comes a large amount of releases talking about Sikhs and our proud heritage as warriors. If you you feel that music is really the driver for your child/friend turning to crime and a gangster lifestyle, then go out and buy every single release this weekend, let me see if that influences the child to take Amrit, and if it does not, will you admit that music is not the issue?

Check out my track of the day “Putt Panj Daryavan De” by Raj Kakra here – Reality Bites


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