R Nait Issues Apology To Babbu Maan


‘Defaulter’ by R Nait and Gurlez Akhtar is one of the biggest songs of this year so far, we do not know whether having this hit in his back pocket has meant that R Nait has all of sudden grown some minerals but…his live show outburst at Punjabi music legend Babbu Maan certainly has lead to a backlash and has now seen him back tracking and having to apologize to Babbu Maan.

The comment that seems to have upset R Nait from Babbu Maan is from an old interview and is the same comment that upset Rupinder Handa, who then also back tracked.  In an interview Babbu Maan used the word ‘nalka’ to describe Punjabi singers, this created quite a stir in the industry and it seems the R Nait now regrets what he said. Check out the video below via Ghaint Punjab which explains the whole situation!


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