R Nait NAAN – New Punjabi Song 2019 (Speed Records)


One of 2019’s artists of the year has been the newcomer R Nait. His duets at the start of the year with Gurlez Akhtar took everyone by surprise and he has not looked back since. Defaulter and Dabda Kithe Aa were and are still huge. The collaboration with Sidhu Moose Wala ‘Poison’ was also a huge hit. R Nait has now released his latest Punjabi song Naan.

The song Naan has been released by Speed Records, which is a departure for R Nait. He has always previously released his solo tracks on Jass Records. The music is by Jay K and the lyrics are by R Nait himself. This new song has more of a poppy commercial feel to it than R Naits previous releases. That hard-edged production is missing and this is aimed at a different audience altogether. We suppose this was always going to happen as R Nait is looking to open new doors and grow his fanbase. The song will still bang but with a new audience. Check out R Naits Naan here via Speed Records:

One song from R Nait that blew up was his song Struggler. The song was about his personal journey into music. The song touched on how at one point all seemed lost and how rose to have the year he is having through the support of those around him. Struggler was a ballad and it worked, the story appealed to a lot of people across the world, Check out Struggler here:

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