Raf-Saperra Glassy Riddim – Latest Punjabi Song 2020


Raf-Saperra may be a name that is new to many and his debut release Glassy Riddim may just have snuck up on you! One thing is for certain though, Raf-Saperra is here to stay and he will be banging on playlists up and down the country for the remainder of 2020.


Let me make this clear, I think Raf is a superb vocal talent and has the potential to put his footprint on the scene. Raf has a throwback folk style vocal that always warms the heart. This highlights the amount of musical knowledge the singer is bringing to the scene with. Raf knows his music!

Glassy Riddim as debut single will introduce Raf to many new music fans. For me, the single just lacked that magic feel. I am not a hater and I do feel Raf is someone who can take constructive advice. The single just lacked a spark and failed to give me the Raf I have heard on previous videos and promo skits he has dropped.

The sound just does not feel clean and G-Funk who has a bright future ahead of him has had this labelled at him previously. This is something that needs to be looked at.  The Raf and G-Funk version of Dhol Jageeron Da was one mix that had people question the quality of the final released version.

Glassy Riddim By Raf-Saperra is a good debut release and gives us a lot to talk about.

As for it being a totally polished product, that will come experience. The team around Raf and G-Funk will need to look at the final version if they wish to have continued success together. A clean polished sound would have had me banging this on Spotify playlists all over the globe.

A debut single is a steep learning curve. It is vital that the artist listens to those other than them who pat him on his back. It is vital that the artist also listens to those who want the best for the Punjabi music scene.

Vocally Raf-Saperra gives the UK scene something different, let’s hope Glassy Riddim is now followed up with a quick second release to keep him relevant. The UK scene needs more singers and homegrown talent. Hopefully, Raf is one of many who are going to breakthrough! Good luck to Raf and G-Funk and a solid debut release that will see them learn and grow together! Now it’s Friday so I’ll raise a Glassy to you!

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