Raj Ranjodh END – New Punjabi Song 2019, Music JSL


If you write songs for yourself then you really have no excuse. Raj Ranjodh is a super talented individual. He has a stunning voice that has a real desi feel. Yet once again he trips over himself with his lyrics.

Last month Raj Ranjodh worked with Byg Byrd on the song Muscle Car. The production on the song was tight and well delivered. The lyrical content though just failed to meet the grade. The macho pomp feel that Raj attempted to deliver was just not there. End is his latest single and lyrically it just feels full of clichés. Raj had a monster hit this year with the song Tommy and it does feel that he is searching for that same lyrical connection over and over again! Shame, as the man has a great voice and is a talented writer, but the need to be commercially popular just seems to be something he cannot ignore.



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