Raj Singh Posed As A Film Agent – Then Blackmailed A Female When He Had ‘Private Pics’


The story is all too common, man lies online, gets comfortable with a female, gets ‘private pictures’ then blackmails her! All because he promised he could get her into Bollywood. The clammer for fame is huge and people like Raj Singh are everywhere.

Raj Singh who is from Mumbai and works as a furniture dealer was arrested on Friday for allegedly extorting Rs 7 lakh from a US national whom he met online.

The accused, allegedly posed as a junior film director and befriended a 30-year-old woman on a social media website in February 2019. It wasnt long before Singh had got chatting with her and he soon made promises about Bollywood.

In her complaint to Mira Road police in Mumbai, the woman alleged that Singh had promised her roles in Hindi movies, for which he had asked her for her photographs. He later began to blackmail her and extorted Rs 7 lakh from her over a period of time.

The woman approached the police when Singh threatened to share her private photographs with her family and friends if she did not pay up more. The woman would transfer the money to Singh’s bank account.

The New York resident recently filed an online police complaint, based on which a case was registered under Indian Penal Code sections 420 for cheating, 384 for extortion, 385 for fear of injury to commit extortion, 500 for defamation as well as under the Information Technology Act’s sections 66B for stolen computer resource or communication device, 66E for violation of privacy and 67 for publishing obscene material in electronic form.

Singh has been remanded to police custody.

Police have seized his phone and found the woman’s photographs on it.


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