Rajai 2 – Garry Benipal & Gurlez Akhtar – Music KV Singh


Youngster Music Presents it’s latest Punjabi song ‘Rajai 2’ the song is performed by Punjabi singers ‘Garry Benipal’ and ‘Gurlez Akhtar’, the music for ‘Rajai 2’ is by KV Singh and the lyrics for the new Punjabi song are by Dony Bhakhshiwal.

One of the first duets to make an impact in 2019 was the Punjabi song ‘Rajai’ this was released on January 4th and provided the label ‘Youngster Music’ with it’s biggest hit to date, so ‘Rajai 2’ was always going to be on the cards, I think they preempted the songs success by shooting two videos on the shoot anyway. Gurlez Akhtar and Garry Benipal pick up from where they left off on Rajai 1 and guide you through a mad night in the Pind with KV Singh being the musical guide, too similar to the original for us, good but not warm enough (you get it, Rajai).

On Repeat Scores:
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5-10 Plays
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Song: Rajai 2
Singer: Garry Benipal, Gurlez Akhtar
Music: KV Singh
Lyrics: Dony Bhakhshiwal

And if you missed it, here is Rajai 1


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