Rajdhani Himmat Sandhu – Latest Punjabi Songs 2020


Rajdhani is the latest Punjabi song to be released by Himmat Sandhu. The new Punjabi song is from the soundtrack to the forthcoming Punjabi movie Jora The second Chapterr. Jora The Second Chapterr is set to be released on March 6th.

Rajdhani is the 3rd song to be released from the soundtrack and continues with that desi vibe from the rest of the soundtrack. Himmat Sandhu is a talent. A real singer with a unique voice and style of delivery. Music for this new song is by Laddi Gill and he really does deliver. If you like it macho and full of pomp then this is for you.

Himmat Sandhu has had a busy few weeks and this is his second release in less than 5 days. Vair was released 5 days ago and was produced by Laddi Gill also. If you like Rajdhani then give Vair a spin it might just float your boat!

Vailly Bande by folk singer Labh Heera was the first song from the soundtrack and it got a great response from his hardcore fanbase and his new fans. Music for the song is by Music Empire and damn do they deliver. Great use of desi sounds and influences. This is one for those who prefer that raw desi kinda tune!

The second release from the Jora The Second Chapterr soundtrack was the song Dalerian by Singga. Music was provided by Desi Crew. If you like Singga then this is him in his macho element. Dalerian is for hardcore Singga fans only. If you want to get a bit worked up then maybe give this a spin.

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