Rajvir Jawanda Gurlez Akhtar – Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya


Put together two truly desi sounding artists and you should get pure fire! Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya delivers and then some. Rajvir Jawanda and Gurlez Akhtar really have us as duet fans excited with this their new Punjabi song from Jass Records.

We have banged on about how vital it is that duet song releases have chemistry. Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya highlights this extremely well. Gurlez Akhtar has had her vocals paired with various singers throughout 2019 with different degrees of success. Those tracks that have been hit’s were created with other artists. Not just wave files put together in a studio.

Rajvir Jawanda and Gurlez Akhtar created Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya together and you can tell. The chemistry is there, the banter is evident and everything from the lyrics to production just works. Desi Crew has given us a really great instrumental, that just lets the singers deliver! Rajvir and Gurlez take a bow! This is added to the playlist for sure.

Fresh, different and perfect for a chilled out mehfil. 

This is not the first time that Rajvir and Gurlez have featured on a track together. It was in 2018 on the soundtrack to the film Kaka Ji. America vs Korea was the song and it was quite different to the new song Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya. More traditional in its flow with a real filmy feel. If you missed the song America vs Korea then check it out here (not sure if the song is talking about North or South Korea, we will let you decide that for yourselves).

Check out Mitra Ne Dil Mangeya on Spotify by clicking the link below or click here for Apple Music:


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