Range Wala Jatt, Harj Nagra & Benny Dhaliwal ft Gurlej Akhtar


Why did you not review this straight away? Sometimes it is best to let a song do the talking and one of the things that intrigued us about this new Punjabi song ‘Range Wala Jatt’ by Harj Nagra and Benny Dhaliwal/ Gurlej Akhtar was – How would it be received in England/Punjab and Canada the home countries of Benny, Gurlej and Harj.

Firstly the song ‘Range Wala Jatt’ was the first major video release via Harj Nagra’s Hitman Records and everything from the video to the song was done with professionalism, the song hit all the platforms on time, the video was released on time, so everything from the labels perspective hit the market on time and it was packaged well.

Punjab: The song had more views and streams from Punjab than anywhere else in the world. Reasons for this? The extreme popularity of Gurlej Akhtar coupled with the growing presence of Harj Nagra mean the song hit the right notes on day one of the release. Sustaining this early success in Punjab?  Well no one can predict Punjab, so let’s see long term, but a positive start.

UK: The UK, the song is gathering momentum, and one thing you cannot deny is that Benny Dhaliwal has a solid UK fanbase, his definitive style has seen him hit a chord with many male music fans and they do support each song with vigour. Judging a song in the UK can be hard, but as the week has gone on the video views have gone up and streaming of the song has also gone up, so hopefully that will see the song continuing to gather momentum long term in the UK.

Canada/US: Harj Nagra’s home turf, and this song has really managed to gather some great momentum from day one of the release and that momentum has built and built over the weekend and into this week, If the song is going to have sustained success in any market then Canada will be the place. Benny Dhaliwal has a decent following in Canada and the US and that has helped, Range Wala Jatt will work best here out of all three markets long term it seems.

Range Wala Jatt is a grower, the production from Harj Nagra is the stand out feature for us on the song, Benny and Gurlej both add magic, Range Wala Jatt has been on rotation for us as the week has gone and having sat on it for a few days it is good to see the public are now also taking to the tune…..




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