Rangle Sardar – They Went Viral, But Do You Know Who They Are?


Rangle Sardar Punjabi Folk: It was the start of last week when a cover version of the Diljit Dosanjh song Muchh started doing the rounds among Punjabi music fans. The folk cover version of the commercial Punjabi song certainly went down a storm and lots of people were left asking – Who are they? Welcome to Rangle Sardar

Check out the cover version of Diljit Dosanjh’s Muchh here by Rangle Sardar (Ajam Khan Maninder Bitta Sabar Singh Khokhar Jaskarn Gill Arash Riaz):

Rangle Sardar is a collective of Punjabi folk musicians who promote Punjabi folk music. They use traditional instruments such as the Bhugchu, tumba, sarangi and dholak TO promote social messages through their folk songs. These guys are as folk as you get. Not pigeonholing themselves to a certain genre is key to how they promote folk, a recent release of theirs see’s them teaming up with Kochi band When Chai met Toast, a four-member group that writes generally English songs with a smattering of Tamil and Hindi.

Check out Rangle Sardar and their ‘Lok Tath’ from earlier this year. If you like it folk and Punjabi then this is right up your street! What talent!

For more of an insight into the whole group then check out a recent interview with the Guys here. The interview sees them talk about music, the scene and today’s Punjabi folk scene.


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