Rangli Dharat Punjab Di – Durga Rangila & Gary Hothi – Exactly What Karan Aujla Mentioned


Yesterday Karan Aujla took to Twitter and talked about people wanting certain types of songs and hence, songs are made to appease that demand. Today Speed Records have released a song ‘Rangli Dharat Punjab Di’ featuring the legendary vocalist Durga Rangila & Gary Hothi, two great artists with a raw desi track.

So, people who are asking for a change to the content of songs that are being released, this new song ‘Rangli Dharat Punjab Di’ gives you exactly what you ask for, Punjab, folk tales and a traditional feel, but will this be supported by the masses? We can guarantee it won’t, yet you have two great vocalists and some great music, but the sad thing is the song will not bang, it will not be played by the masses even though it gives the haters of everything new exactly what they ask for!

It is easy to look at the likes of Sidu Moose Wala and Karan Aujla’s lyrics and pick fault, but if you are going to do that, then surely you need to support a song like this, that gives you everything you ask for? It is only then will you drive a change, or is it just a case of it being easier to hate something new than supporting something you asked for?

Song – Rangli Dharat Punjab Di (Full Song)
Artist – Durga Rangila & Gary Hothi
Label – Speed Records / Times Music


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