Ranjit Bawa Is Joined On Stage By A Fan Who Then Impresses All


Ranjit Bawa loves performing live, even before his introduction to the scene Ranjit Bawa was performing live on stages across the whole of Punjab. He has seen how hard it is to get a break in the industry so it’s not surprising that he accepted the wish of a fan (Prab Sian) to join him live on stage.

Prab Sian who clearly adores Ranjit Bawa seemed overwhelmed and was close to tears. At one point refusing to let go of the singer. It was at that point that Bawa accepted his fans wishes for him to sing live. What is surprising is how quick the tears went and how quick Prab grabbed the mic and started blasting away!

Fair play to the kid he has a serious voice and this may well not be the last we hear from him. Check out what happened here on stage. Also, the video below is from his friends and is well worth a watch just for the commentary.


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