Ranjit Bawa Returning To His Bhangra Roots With Five New Songs


Ranjit Bawa Bhangra: Ranjit Bawa burst onto the Punjabi music scene with his song ‘Jatt Di Akal’ in 2013. The song was released via T-Series Apna Punjab and it soon went viral and people were left asking who is Ranjit Bawa?

Well, what followed for Ranjit Bawa was years of highs followed by a real plateau in his musical journey. The traditional folk style vocal that saw him burst through was neglected by him. Bawa like many other singers decided to chase the ‘in’ sound. The impact that this had over the last two years saw Ranjit Bawa float from producer to producer chasing a formula for success based on the work of others. Fans of the folk styled singer started to dwindle as his songs failed to click with his old fanbase and new.

Ranjit Bawa has now taken to social media to announce his return to his bhangra roots. Not just with one song, but with 5 songs back to back. Mr Bawa has not confirmed who the producers are for these Bhangra tracks but one thing is for sure – We need that desi Ranjit Bawa back.

Ranjit Bawa has a unique style and voice, whether it be straight up traditional bhangra songs that he is going to present us with or more commercial desi based songs like ‘Chandigarh Waliye’ or ‘Tanka’ we surely are excited to see who he is working with and what he is going to deliver.


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