Ranjit Kaur Promises To Duet With Mohammad Sadiq One More Time


It was very different to years gone by, but this weekend Ranjit Kaur and Mohammed Sadiq both shared a stage for the first time in ages, unfortunately for music fans there was no music.

The stage was a political one for the  Faridkot parliamentary constituency where the two noted Punjabi singers, Ranjit Kaur and Congress party candidate Mohammad Sadiq, shared the stage during an election campaign. Seventy-year-old Kaur, who was there to campaign for Sadiq, promised to sing with Sadique if he wins the seat.

The legendary pair have continued to enthrall fans ever since being paired together in 1967, even charting in globally with ‘Jogi’ by Panjabi MC.

Ranjit Kaur went on to tease music fans “In 1967, at the age 17, I was paired with Mohammad Sadiq, who by then was a big name,” she said. “I am here to campaign for Sadiq saab and will come again. If he wins, I promise to sing a duet with him,” she said.


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