Ranu Mandal Shoots To Fame After Viral Video – What A Voice


What a few weeks for Ranu Mandal, it was only a month ago that she was earning a living by singing at Ranaghat station in West Bengal. Earning just a handful of rupees per day. Then a chance post of her singing on Facebook changed her life and deservedly so.

A video posted on Facebook of Ranu singing on a page called ‘BarpetaTown The place of peace’ has collected millions of views, likes and shares . Now, Ranu has been invited on a national TV to showcase her amazing singing ability.


Ranu shot to fame when she was filmed (video above) singing  ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ from the 1972 film Shor. This went viral on social media and had the nation looking for who this voice was. Many people were convinced it was TIKTOK dubbed video when they saw it.

Some of the comments left on the viral Facebook post read:

“She must have gone through a lot in life. Singing with so much sentimental emotion. God Bless her and keep her happy,” read one of the thousands of comments on the post.

“So much pain in her eyes, I guess the soulful voice says about her life, God bless her give her life back. Prayers,” another Facebook user had said.

The Facebook page had also posted a video of the woman singing another Lata Mangeshkar classic, “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon”.

Personal Info: Ranu Mondal, who was born in Krishnanagar, spent most of her childhood at her aunt’s place in Ranaghat after losing her mother.

She went to Mumbai with her husband Bablu Mondal in search of living but returned nearly a decade ago to Ranaghat due to depression, according to India Today.

Since then, she has “been living alone in poverty.”

“From my childhood, I had a passion for listening to music and singing along. Although I liked Mohammad Rafi and Mukeshji’s songs, it was Lata Mangeshkar who inspired me a lot. I could relate to her singing and the melody always touched my heart,” Ranu was quoted as saying.

Authorities in Ranaghat are now planning to felicitate her on August 14 as part of the West Bengal government’s Kanyashree Divas celebrations.


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