Ranu Mondal Became An Overnight Success – Has She Now Turned Diva!


A few months ago Ranu Mondal was singing for pennies at a train station. A video of her singing went viral and overnight she became a national favourite. Her rags to riches story won hearts and souls across the world. Well, it now seems as if the fame may have gone to Ranu’s head!

Recent reports of her diva-like behaviour have been released from studios she has been recording in. Many dismissed them as just rumours, but now a video has surfaced showing Ranu Mondal being a full-on diva. She was recently seen misbehaving with a fan who wanted a selfie with her. To the fan’s utter surprise, Ranu Mondal dealt highhandedly with her. The fan was told not to touch her!

Ranu Mondal was in a grocery store when a woman approached her from behind, tapping her on shoulders and seeking a selfie. The singer immediately turned around and told the woman, “Dekhiye, aap please, don’t touch.” To explain her displeasure, Ranu tapped on the woman’s hand and pushed her behind, saying, “Yeh kya hai? Iska matlab kya hai? Yeh, what it means?”


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