Ratan Singh Tried To Flee The Country After Killing OAP – Jailed


A court in Brisbane was told how Ratan Singh bought a one-way plane ticket to India via Dubai. The ticket was purchased within seconds of him being told he could be charged. Ratan Singh was trying to flee the country after a hit-and-run that killed a grandmother has now been jailed for three years.

Ratan Singh Sandip, 25, hit Beth Eden, 60, with his car while she was jogging just 300 metres from her house in Mt Warren Park, south of Brisbane, in November 2018. Mr Singh was intercepted at Brisbane International Airport last January trying to board a flight out of the country, reports the Daily Mail. 

He was arrested at the airport and was granted bail.

In Beenleigh District Court on Tuesday, Ratan Singh – who has been living in Australia for five years – pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing the death of Ms Eden.

The court was previously told that Ratan only realised he hit Ms Eden – who was training for a marathon – when he phoned Triple 0 after crashing into the fence.

‘The defendant was on the phone to Triple-0 when he was alerted by a bystander that someone had been hit,’ a police prosecutor said at the time.

‘So that is how much attention he was paying to the road.’

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