Raxstar -The Long Haul & Knee Jerk Reactions


The music scene is very different today to what it was a few years ago. The build-up to a project and the subsequent release of a song is now very different from before. Physically purchasing a song or downloading it meant that money had been spent. Like the song or not, you would play it a few times prior to making a judgement call as to whether it was worth it or not.

Everything that is free gets abused 

Raxstar the UK musician/rapper took to Twitter last night to vent his thoughts about the music scene and those that listen to it, and we have to say he hit the nail on the head! The first tweet he posted looked at the hate he received for doing something different. Raxstar dared to be different, why punish him for that?

Like we stated earlier, everything that is free gets abused. If people had paid for the songs above rather than just watching them on YouTube. Maybe they would have not dismissed them so easily.

The second tweet from Raxstar struck a chord with many. It is so easy to be negative about something if everyone else seems to be doing likewise. When people like something that is not big commercially, why do they keep those thoughts to themselves? It is those times that artists need support most. Be proud of the music you listen too. Support the music you listen to. Embrace your uniqueness. 

Raxstar’s latest tweet this morning, saw him conclude his thread with a message of support for artists new and old. Push through that shit!

Raxstars latest release featured F1rstman and was called ‘Time’ if you missed it check it out here:


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