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Karan Aujla hot on the heels of his India shows has dropped his latest song called Red Eyes feat. Gurlej Akhtar. Speed Records have released this latest Punjabi song which has music by Proof. Lyrics for Red Eyes are by Karan Aujla.

Gurlej Akhtar and Karan Aujla work, everything they have blessed as a duet has banged. Red Eyes will do the same. The chemistry between the pair is damn impressive. As a duet, they bounce of each other extremely well and they both adjust their flows perfectly to suit one another. Gurlej Akhtar is a unique talent and her duets with Karan highlight how diverse she can be when asked to flow differently.

The music for Red Eyes is by Proof and you know what? It has a throwback UK sound feel to it. Not throughout but the brass-driven keyboard pieces in between the chorus really do stand out as different. Not different musically but different on this kinda track. Some may even say they keyboard pieces have a hint of ‘Shindeh de Tape’ by JK and Tru-Skool to them? The use of hip hop samples is quite random too. The drops just don’t feel natural. That aside the song will bang. A huge fanbase will ensure this is on repeat everywhere you go in Punjab and North America.

Once again the wordplay and clever writing style of Karan Aujla trump everything else on the track. A real innovative writer with a new skool mindset. Check out Red Eyes by Karan Aujla Ft Gurlej Akhtar here via Speed Records:

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