Reeaz Khan, 21, Claims Innocence As His Charged With Sexual Assault & Murder of 92 year old


Reeaz Khan 21 from New York has been charged over the sexual assault and murder of Maria Fuertes, 92. Khan told the courts there was no need to rape her as he already has a girlfriend.

.’Why would I touch a 92 year old woman?’ he told the New York Daily News. ‘I have a girlfriend and have had sex with other women.’ 

Reeaz Khan’s latest commented to police he was just trying to help 92-year-old Maria. It was whilst he was helping her that his pants fell down and his genitals came into contact with hers. However, despite the young man’s denials, most, including his own father does not believe him, reports the Daily Mail.

‘You make your kids, but you don’t make their minds,’ father Afraz Khan said. ‘We’re very sorry for what happened. Our sympathies go out to that woman’s family.’

The elderly woman’s two sons also said they did not believe the 21-year-old’s claims.
‘Honestly he better not act like he don’t know what he did. He killed her, he killed my mother,’ said Hugo Fuertes, 69. ‘Now he’s scared because he knows what’s coming, he knows what’s waiting for him.’
‘He knows what he did and the community is angry,’ added the victim’s younger son, Ray Fuertes, 52. ‘ I bet he just didn’t know there were cameras.’

It was on Friday of last week, investigators charged Khan with sexual abuse and murder in the second-degree, with reports saying a tip-off came from his own brother.

Investigators also claim they were able to retrieve significant surveillance footage from the area that proves Khan committed the crime. They believe Khan approached Fuertes from behind while she was walking home from a deli where she went to buy cat food late at night.

Police assert Khan then attacked her, before the pair became involved in a scuffle and fell to the ground.

However, The Daily Mail reports that Khan has told detectives that he was simply walking through the area when he came across Fuertes lying on the pavement.

He claims he was trying to help her up when ‘he fell down, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his penis fell near her vagina’.

According to The Post, Khan told detectives that at that moment ‘something came over him’ and he ‘lifted up Fuertes’ skirt and try to put his penis inside of her’.

Khan reportedly admitted to suffering ‘uncontrollable urges,’ and decided to act upon them. He is being held without bond and will appear in court on January 15.

Read the story in full at the Daily Mail.


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