Remember Those Frogs That Got Married? They Are Now DIVORCED


In June we covered the marriage of two frogs, yes we really did. The two frogs were married by a village in Madhya Pradesh to appease the rain gods. The honeymoon period is now over as the two frogs were divorced symbolically on Wednesday – to end a destructive spell of rain.

Members of the local voluntary group Om Shiva Sewa Shakti Mandal claimed that as per long-standing their religious beliefs, marrying off the two frogs would please Indra (the Hindu god of rain) consequently bringing rains.

“The prayers were answered within a few days as the elusive monsoon started ushering its might over Bhopal and adjoining regions. But with rain now turning destructive, another ritual of separating the frog couple before the god was performed on Wednesday with a strong hope of ending the enduring spell of destructive rain,” said members of the group.

During the symbolic separation ceremony held at a Shiva temple, two clay frogs were placed before the Shiva linga and later separated from each other amid chants of mantras.

Members of the group believed that this ritual marking the symbolic separation of the amphibian couple would bring relief from the rain in the capital and neighbourhood. It is not known if the frog spawn would be looked after by the father or mother. The return of the dowry looks like it will also be settled in court!


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