Rick Singh Had Strippers In His Office & Spent Thousands Of Taxpayers Money – Lawsuit


Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh had strippers in the office and spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on personal travel, according to a lawsuit filed under the Whistle-blower’s Act by two female employees who were fired from the office.

Communications Director Laverne McGee said she was told to flirt with vendors and forge documents when it came to the spending of taxpayer money.

Aisha Hassan, who was in charge of finance, said she kept documents she was told to shred that might raise red flags in a county audit.

McGee was Singh’s communications director, and in this lawsuit, she claims the things she was asked to do for him went too far.

The lawsuit, which seeks lost wages and benefits, was filed by McGee and Hassan after they were fired for what Singh’s office said was poor performance.

The lawsuit said they were treated badly and asked to do things they didn’t want to do.

McGee said she was asked to cover for Singh and lie to his wife when he brought women, including strippers, to the OCPA’s office after hours.

McGee and Hassan said Singh made derogatory comments about women, calling them whores and skanks and saying they had fat asses.

The majority of the suit has to do with what they said was the misspending of taxpayer money on trips before and after a county audit in 2015.

The lawsuit said Singh went on personal trips, racking up thousands in upgrades in hotel stays and airline tickets.

The lawsuit said Singh went to a real estate conference in Spain last year to which he was not invited.

The suit said he was reimbursed for the flight but never submitted his invoice.

They said taxpayers were billed more than $8,000 for Singh’s trip to Spain, half of which paid for him to fly business class.

The allegations are similar to other trips from Dallas to New York where they said he billed taxpayers for personal travel expenses.

Singh allegedly had a county car and also took $540 a month for a car allowance, which cost $6,400 per year.

They said he spent $2,471 for home office furniture.

Channel 9 contacted the attorney for the women but has not heard back yet.

Singh’s office provided Channel 9 the following statement:

“The office of the Orange County Property Appraiser holds itself to the highest professional standards and is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment for our employees. We respect the rights of all employees and take any concerns very seriously. We look forward to presenting the facts in court in a fair and impartial manner and to vigorously defending the integrity of this office.


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