RIP DJ Vip’s Until We Meet Again


January 15th 2019 will be the day remembered as the day we said goodbye to one of the Punjabi music scenes great innovators,DJ Vips.

The man, the brains and the driving force behind a record label that dared to dream has his funeral today, and over the last 2 weeks tributes have poured in from all over the world, showing us how far this mans reach was.

Dj Vip’s will be remembered by us for many things, but one in particular; Vip’s educated people into believing in their dreams. When we first met Vips when he was distributing his own album in 2006, we met this guy who was so passionate about the scene that we left the conversation thinking “damn , he knows more than us” lol.

Vip’s wanted to break the monopoly that record labels had down south, he wanted to ensure artists got an easier path into the musical scene than he did, and you know what he did that, and then some. The amount of artists that he introduced was unreal, DJ Vip’s changed the game.

We spent many an hour talking since 2017 over the success he was having In India with Daru Badnaam even down to grasping how the song had gone viral and why. Even though this was his biggest hit, he did not want to stand still, instead he wanted to grow his label and his people in India and a new market, this was a sign of the man.

A family man, a business man an innovator and above all a friend- RIP Vips, until we meet again!


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