Roach Killa & Those Missing ‘Genuine’ Views


Each week we look at the official YouTube charts from across the globe.  We see which are ‘organic’ views and which are not. Surprise surprise each week we have a song from the Punjabi Industry that misses the official charts. This week is no different. The song missing this week is missing 2am by Karan Aujla and Roach Killa. 

Roach Killa even took to social media to comment on the ‘genuine’ views the song was getting. The tweet was sent on 22/09/2019 @16.24 (UK time). Read hear to see what youtube class as a’ ‘genuine’ view’.

Roach Killa Twitter

The charts run from 20th Sept to 26th (click here to see the India chart). As the tweet mentions 4 million in three days, take away day one as that falls into the previous week’s charts and you are looking over 5 million views in the week of this most up to date chart.

To get into the official YouTube charts in India you needed 1.72m, In Canada you needed 73k and in the UK you needed 172k. The song is nowhere near the top 100 of the combined official charts.

This highlights that Roach Killa like other artists is not to blame for such a thing but the PR teams and those around the label really do need to let artists know what the game plan is. 

The best performing Punjabi song on YouTube for last week was Lehnga by Jass Manak. Lootera by R Nait was 2nd with 14.2m views. 8 Parche was the third-highest viewed 4th was Yaari. To view, the official global chart just hit this red text. 

To see where the song sits in our ‘Not So Geniune Views League – click here


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