Robinhood Singga – Latest Punjabi Song 2019 (Music Western Penduz)


Geet Mp3 and GK Digital present their latest Punjabi song Robinhood by Singga. He just loves being all gangster, that we suppose is the Singga style? Yet it is his ballads that have been his biggest hits to date. Robinhood is no ballad, it is Singga being his macho, gun touting alter ego Robinhood.

So, if you want, guns, jattism’s and a whole load of violence Singga is your man. If you are a fan of his, then this gives you everything his fans ask for. It is no good berating an artist when his giving his fanbase what they want from him. Robinhood gives his fans more than enough of Singga doing his thing.

The biggest hits of 2019 for Singga have been his slow-paced softly delivered ballads. Singga’s last few releases included ballads so I guess Robinhood is overdue.  Production-wise, Western Penduz gives us an instrumental that just seems to become repetitive. This may see some people turning off before having heard the whole song. Lyrically and vocally Singga gives his fans what they want, musically though, Western Pendus maybe could have been more innovative.

Song : Robinhood Singer : Singga Lyrics : Singga Music : Westetn Penduz Poster : The Town Media Video Director : B2Gether Pros, Badnaam Group Produced By : Kv Dhillon Online Promotions : GK DIGITAL Music Label : Geet MP3 Online Review DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress)

As we mentioned above Sinnga has a unique voice, this is evident when he sings his ballads. Photo was a hugely popular song of his in 2019. The song was released under the Speed records banner and certainly struck a chord among Punjabi music fans in the summer. If you missed Photo or have not heard Singga sing a ballad, then just hit play here:

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