ROHB – Baldev Aujla (Bullet) Feat. DJ Dips


The guys at DESIbel Media really have had a solid 2018, the channel/label has gone from strength to strength and they have put out a serious amount of content with some great innovations, and this new song ‘Rohb’ shows what they can  do and make happen.

DJ Dips has given Baldev Aujla possibly his best song to date, and Aujla has done the circuit when it comes to producers, so fair play to Dip’s, this is a bespoke production for Baldev and it may not be the worlds biggest track, but it is Baldev’s.

The song highlights a good working relationship with the artists, producer and label, that we need to see more of, check out the track ‘Rohb’ here via DESIbel Media.


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