Roshan Sahota Twice Ran From After Throwing His Stash Of Class A


“You can run but you can’t hide” That is the famous saying and Roshan Sahota is a living example of it. Sahota a drug dealer has been jailed after police caught him twice throwing away Class A drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.

Roshan Sahota was caught twice in Ealing ditching drugs on the floor to try and get away from police but both times both Sahota and the drugs were gathered up soon after.

  • Occasion 1: May 2019 in Southall . The Safer Neighbourhood team was on patrol in the area around Longboat Row, near the canal, on May 19 after they had reports of drug dealing and antisocial behaviour in the area. Officers saw Sahota first, and when he spotted them he threw two packages of Class A drugs onto the ground and ran. Both Sahota and the drugs were found and taken in, where police investigated him for drug supply before releasing him under investigation.


  • Occasion 2: Nine Months Later and still under investigation, Sahota was spotted again. An Ealing Emergency Response Team officer thought he had witnessed a drug deal taking place in Singapore Road, behind West Ealing Broadway , on January 23. Officers went towards Sahota and he again dumped the drugs on the ground and ran, but they were all found again.

In total, Sahota had been found with more than 50 individual wraps of crack cocaine and heroin which had a street value of around £1,030.bHe was charged with two counts of possession with the intent to supply crack cocaine and 2 counts of possession with the intent to supply heroin and pleaded guilty on Friday (February 21).

The judge handed down a sentence of five years and three months’ imprisonment.

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