Saavn Announce Massive Growth As Streaming Grips India


Spotify is gearing up for its India launch, but it has a massive battle on it’s hands if it thinks it can be number 1 straight away. Indian music streaming service Saavn have had an incredible year as the country catches up to the worldwide love for music streaming,  Saavn have just reported incredible growth for 2017.

Saavn have reported that their revenues for 2017 grew to a massive 459 million Rupees (roughly $6.8 million). That’s a 16% rise from 2016, whilst their post-tax profits for the year saw a massive increase. Saavn reported a tripling in profit from 2016, bringing in 32.2 million Rupees – a vast increase on the 10.8 million Rupees made the year before.

These are massively impressive numbers but only represent Saavn’s operations in India and not their work in the US. That said, data collectors App Annie say that 90% of Saavn’s app users are based in India so this represents the big picture for their profits and income. The company said last July that they expected to be profitable around the world by the end of this year after revenue had increased 4x since 2014 thanks to their 22 million monthly active users at the time.

22 Million Subscribers – 90% of Activity from within India! Spotify Has a tough battle ahead!

Saavn have been expanding their business through major partnerships in the past year. Last November Saavn announced a partnership with Amazon that saw their music streaming service come pre-enabled on Amazon Echo speakers. Earlier this year Saavn made a massive business move when they partnered with rival Indian music service JioMusic creating a combined music superpower in India.


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