Sabji Hunter Aloo Paratha – Which Method Do You Use!


Sabji Hunter Aloo Paratha: My guilty pleasure? It is not gambling, or watching boxsets but instead wasting hours on end watching cooking videos, desi cooking videos. What is life lol! So whilst watching such videos the other night I came across the ‘6 delicious ways to make aloo paratha.’ SIX!! Really?

Now having watched the video, I discovered that I knew four of these methods. But two of them were very out there and I have yet to see anyone use these techniques. Are we alone?

Methods 4 and 6 are the ones we have never seen before. Now, Am I the only one who thinks whoever does number six is a bit of a pretentious so and so? Anyway, let us know which methods you use and if number 4 and 6 are something you see regularly? If you wish to skip the video below the 6 paratha stages are at the following timings:

No 1 – 3 mins 27 seconds
No 2 – 4 mins 47 seconds
No 3 – 6 mins 21 seconds
No 4 – 7 mins 24 seconds
No 5 – 8 mins 16 seconds
No 6 – 8 mins 59 seconds


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