Sahara – The UK Bhangra Act That Are Lesson For All


The UK Bhangra music scene was once seen as the heartbeat of the Punjabi music scene. Over the years the Punjabi music scene has expanded globally and artists are now breaking through in new territories. One UK Bhangra band that was formed almost 25 years ago is still breaking new ground today, ladies and gentleman we give you Sahara.

When Sahara was formed in 1993, not in their wildest dreams could they have foreseen that 25 years later they would be one of the most sought after Punjabi acts in Pakistan? Not only that, but still gigging globally must have just been a fantasy. Well believe it, Sahara are the real deal and what makes them unique is their own bravery in a vision they believed in.

Music longevity is about relationships and knowing what works. Sahara have understood that fully. They fully embraced the UK scene when it was at its peak. In addition to that they worked every single market they played in. Lal Ghagra still bangs at many parties globally today, Sahara knew that and added the best of the UK scene to their act. Result – Globally in those markets that Punjabi acts ignored – Sahara rose. Not only that, those artists who ignored those scenes are now looking on with envy as Sahara go from strength to strength.

In 2018 Sahara alongside Manj Musik and Nindy Kaur featured on the soundtrack to the record-breaking Pakistani movie ‘Parchi’. The song went onto to be a hit with Pakistani Punjabi music fans across the globe. Sahara had just stepped their game.

Now, Sahara on the back of that success (and throw in a Coke Sessions Tour also) has now featured on a new soundtrack, and here is their second song from the film Heer Maan Ja, check out the song if full here: 

 The first single release from the film Heer Maan Ja was Addi Maar (check it below).

So if you are a new act starting out in the game, and feel that at every turn you receive a setback. Then look no further than Sahara for inspiration. The boys have adapted, understood and developed with an everchanging market. Standing still gets you nowhere. Understanding what you have and maximising your ability is key. Why waste money on fake views and media teams when you are not investing in yourselves! Let Sahara be the ones to show you the light! These boys are doing it big and long may it continue.


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