Sahib Singh Was Beaten Up On Viral Video – Sahib Singh Now In Jail For Sexual Assault


It was June 2018 when a video went viral that shows a 71-year-old Sikh man, later identified as Sahib Singh Natt, strolling on a sidewalk by a park near his home in Manteca, California. Two hooded men are seen walking up to Natt, confronting him. One of the men repeatedly kicks Natt, knocking him down and causing him to hit his head. They start walking away, but one of men turns back and kicks Natt three more times while he’s already on the ground. The man spits on Natt before leaving him lying on the street, alone.

Two youths were sentenced in court for the attack, now @RealDesPardes media have confirmed via FOX news and the Manteca Police department in California that Sahib Singh Natt is himself in jail with a $350k bail set for sexual assault charges!!

The Police department have stated that Sahib Singh Natt groped a 54 year old disabled woman last month at the city’s senior centre.

Menteca Police departments Lt. Stephen Schluer “Mr Natt was subsequently charged with sexual battery, a misdemeanor and misdemeanor elder abuse”

Lt. Stephen Schluer also added “The person who reported it had walked outside to the Alcove where the female is getting her shoulders rubbed, as she walked towards them and got closer to them, he actually moved his hands and started massaging her breasts”.

The staff member then reported the incident and after a discussion with the lady and her family the police were then informed.

Detectives have said that whilst the investigation is underway, the city had forbidden Natt from coming to the the senior centre.

Natts Family have told FOX they were shocked and don’t believe the allegation is true. Natt is now in Jail with a Bail set at $350k.


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