Sandeep Singh Uber Driver – Offered Free Trips In Return For Sexual Favours


A Queensland woman was repeatedly offered free trips “whenever you want” from her Uber driver in exchange for sexual favours. Adrienne Horrigan jumped in driver Sandeep Singh’s car in December last year to go to a friend’s house on the Gold Coast.

A few hours later, she ordered an Uber ride home again and discovered the same man was allocated her trip. “He told me I could pay for my fare in other ways,” Ms Horrigan told A Current Affair.

The woman said she was scared and began recording the conversation, including his indecent proposal of a sickening ongoing discount. The audio of the encounter captures Singh asking again and again for a “friends with benefits” arrangement.

“I can drop off and pick you up, anytime, whenever you want,” Singh said. “We can be like friends with benefits.”

Ms Horrigan can be heard clearly rejecting his proposition repeatedly, firmly telling him no and saying “I don’t do that” and “I don’t do that with anyone”.

But Singh kept pestering her and asking why she wasn’t interested.

“Just once for me, please,” he asked again. “Why? Can you do it with me? Come on. Just once, for me.

“You know there’s nothing wrong (with) it.”

Singh was confronted by an A Current Affair crew and initially denied the claim, before apologising once he was told there was audio of the encounter.

Alarmingly, it was revealed that Singh now drives a taxi on the Gold Coast.

“To be honest, I have no words, I would just like to say sorry,” he said.

When she complained, Uber refunded Ms Horrigan’s fare and said it would investigate, but she felt their formal response was “blasé”.

“I will be reviewing whether this partner will continue to have access to the app and we will do our best to not pair you with this driver in the future,” Uber told her in reply.

She never heard from them again. Uber told the program that Mr Singh was no longer on the platform.

He insists his conduct was a one-off.

“Yeah it is,” Singh said when asked if his behaviour was sleazy. “I know, it’s silly. I know.”


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