SANDHU TAKEOVER – Navaan Sandh, Manni Sandhu, Amar Sandhu


Some things take years in planning and some things, well they take one mehfil. The new song from Manni Sandhu feat. Navaan Sandh and Amar Sandhu was not something that was on the cards until Amar Sandhu popped over to visit Manni.

The Sandhu takeover was prepped and ready to go in 20 minutes! That natural flow, the natural connection all come through in the final product. Manni Sandhu has a sound that works, he is innovative and since his return in 2018 he has delivered consistently. The Sandhu Takeover is no different. Navaan Sandhu delivers vocally, the ease in which he seems to ride the instrumental highlights how much more is to come from the singer.

Amar Sandhu, the man who turned up at Manni Sandhu’s house and got this particular ball rolling, is his consistent self on the song. He dips in and out, his flow is on point. Amar, Manni and Navaan this may have only taken you guys 20 minutes to create, but the Sandhu Takeover will bang for a lot longer than that! Great start to 2020 for the whole Sandhu team. Check out The Sandhu Takeover video here:

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