Sandhuri Rang Kaur B – New Punjabi Song Music Laddi Gill


Sandhuri Rang Kaur B: The latest Punjabi song from T-Series Apna Punjab is Sandhuri Rang. The singer is Kaur B, Music is by Laddi Gill. Lyrics are penned by Fateh Shergill. Sandhuri Rang Kaur B has been released to coincide with her birthday.

Kaur B has given us a lot of releases this year. Each release has been with different producers and each has been very different from the other. The one thing we were not treated to so far this year was a desi song from Kaur B. Sandhuri Rang is that desi track. Kaur B is in her element here. A straight-up dance track. Her desi flow is as impressive as ever and Laddi Gill has done a good job on the production. A solid week for Punjabi music gets another good release from Kaur B.

Sandhuri Rang has been released via T-Series Apna Punjab. Kaur B’s last release was Khudgarz Mohabbat. This was released via her own label and YouTube page. Highlighting that when artists want to express themselves then it is their own platforms they use. A commercial product is then released via a bigger label. Clever thinking Kaur B. Khudgarz Mohabbat is here for you to enjoy. Vocally, wow Kaur B smashed this.


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