Sanjat Dutt Took Girls To Fake Graves Of His Mum To Lure Them To Bed – Rajkumar Hirani


Bollywood director Rajkumar Hirani made a shocking revelation on Sanjay Dutt’s life. In an interview given to magazine, Hirani explained the lies Dutt would tell women in order to make them emotional and ultimately get in their beds.

Dutt would take women to a random grave and tell them it is his mother’s, which would make the women feel special. “He would start dating a girl and take her to this graveyard. He would say, ‘I have brought you here to meet my mother.’ After this unusual meeting, the girl would feel emotionally drawn and attached to Sanju. The reality was that the grave was not his mother’s,” Hirani said.

In Sanju, Hirani’s upcoming biopic on Sanjay Dutt, the actor’s ‘girlfriend count’ is revealed to be more than 300 in a scene. The magazine reported that Dutt was notorious for having affairs with several senior, junior and his contemporary female actors.

When asked, Ranbir (who plays Dutt in the film) revealed his count is much lesser and would never be comfortable in revealing his own number if a film was ever to be made on his life. “No… I actually won’t allow. I don’t think I am a courageous man like Sanju sir to give my life out so openly. But my count has been less than ten, so people can’t make a biopic on me,” Ranbir had said at the film’s trailer launch in May.


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