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Sanskruti Restaurant Manchester: Our team of Sabji Hunters are on a mission. The Sabji Hunter has a plan to hit a new veggie/vegan venue per week across the country. So hence we have now called the Sabji Hunter Reviews The Sabji files because we don’t think they will do it and it shall remain a myth. For volume one of the Sabji files, the team ventured to Sankruti in Manchester.

Sanskruti Restaraunt 95 Mauldeth Road Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6SR, England – Website

So many of our friends have been to this place and were always saying we must visit. So seen as we were in Manchester doing some festive shopping we thought why not! Check out the Sabji Hunter review of The Sanskruti Restaurant here:

The sign outside makes no bones about what this place is “Vegetarian and Vegan”. As soon as we walk in we are surprised as to how busy this place is. We had called ahead and whilst taking the booking the staff did mention they would not be that busy. Talking of the staff, they made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in. They were friendly, took us to our tables and offered to talk us through the menu. Which we let them do! The passion in which they spoke about the dishes and the detail they went to was really impressive. These guys know their stuff!

The Menu

Wow, so varied and so full of veggie delight! We have Indian street food, starters. mains split into Punjabi and Gujrati. Let me just loosen my belt in anticipation as my eyes are already feasting.  As mentioned earlier the venue is quite busy, but Sanskruti has a nice chilled out vibe to the place. The conversations are not too loud and the room is full of smiles! Guess a break from festive shopping brings a smile to everyone’s faces.

For our starters, we had Vegetarian Sheek Kebabs and Tandoori Kathal. For our mains, we went with Bhindi Anari and Vegetable Jaipuri (CV). So let the fun begin!

These Sheek Kebabs, wow, Two of the team with us today are meat eaters and even they commented on how impressed they were by these. The soya has been spiced with all the normal kebab flavours and this has a great kick of spice. Really good start!

Tandoori Kathal, now this was different, Jackfruit, yes jackfruit marinated in the traditional tandoori marinade. We were intrigued. This did not appeal as much as the sheek kebabs but was different. The flavours just did not seem to marry up for us. If you are feeling a bit experimental then give this a go, it may appeal to you.


Vegetable Jaipuri: The first thing we noticed about this was the spice. A really nice sublte element of spice that was not overpowering but was just about right. The vegetarian sauce that comes with this dish is the star. It is rich and really does deliver. Everything was cooked well and a good portion size – Impressive.

Bhindi Anari: Okra seems to be all the rage at the moment. The health benefits the flavours, its like something new has been discovered. Why did we as Punjabi’s sleep on this! This like the main above is a solid effort, flavoured well, spiced well but just lacked that magic to make it special. A solid effort though. Glad to see Okra now on menus.


If you are in Manchester and you are looking for a Veggie/Vegan venue then Sanskruti has to be an option. A cool chilled out vibe, staff that care and that are well informed as well the venue being absolutely spotless.

The variation of the menu is impressive. If it is something light you are after the street food options are fantastic and the mains are also superb. The prices are also very realistic. The care and attention paid to the variety of dishes on the menu is reflected in the detail of each dish. Cooked well, marinaded well, adventurous and well delivered with good portion sizes. All in all, we enjoyed our visit here and will be coming back!

From the Sabji Hunter and his team, Sanskruti gets a huge thumbs up!

Sanskruti Restaurant Manchester Starters


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