Sanu Nasha Dav Singh & Tru-Skool – Something Fresh And For The Soul


Sanu Nasha Dav Singh: Earlier this week we gave you all an interview with new UK Singer Dav Singh. Today saw the release of his debut song Sanu Nasha with music by Tru-Skool. When people say this is different and new about projects they are releasing, we always take that with a pinch of salt. Sanu Nashu by Dav Singh is the exception and is truly is refreshing.

Tru-Skool is seen by many to have a direct and straight-up Punjabi folk sound. Though that may be correct it does, however, mask his amazing musical ability. Sanu Nasha with Dav Singh illustrates how technically gifted Tru-Skool is. This is not just a straight-up Punjabi song. Instead its a journey.

Dav Singh’s soulful and technical ability see him grabbing you by the hand and taking you on what feels like a personal ride through the song. Add to that journey the bends and ups and downs provided by Tru-Skool – You then start to grasp why people call this music for the soul! Sanu Nasha is refreshingly unique for the UK scene. Dav Singh is a breath of fresh air, just don’t leave it too long before your next release.

The new song from Sanu Nasha by Dav Singh and Tru-Skool is now also available on Spotify & Apple Music



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