Sardar Bhagat Singh v Gandhi, Amar Khalsa – Jass Geet Records


Amar Khalsa may be new to a lot of you, in-fact he is pretty to new to the world, his young looks are not deceiving, he is barely a teenager, yet he has delivered a message that is hard hitting, and may make some of his elder peers sit up and take notice of him.

The song Sardar Bhagat Singh v Gandhi is not masking itself with just a glorious hook line, with very little substance behind it. The song simply asks questions that many groups/individuals and members of Govt. have been asking for a long time, why have Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters families not been looked after by the state? Also where is the recognition for the freedom fighters who gave everything to India, only to be shunned in return. Each verse is dripping with reality and pain.

This track deserves to be played and heard, use it as an educational tool.

Respect to the whole team at Jass Geet Records and Amar Khalsa for having the balls to do this.


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