Sardar & His Wife Go Viral Once Again After Owning Another Dance Floor


How many of us are embarrassed by our parents dancing? Well if you are Gitana Singh then you are the exception! For the third time videos of her parents have gone viral and everyone is gushing over the elderly couple who seem to love nothing more than a good dance.

Previously they became overnight sensations with an awestruck romantic dance in a black and white video. Now, again, they set the dance floor on fire at a recent wedding. The video was shared by their daughter Gitana Singh on the occasion of her mother’s birthday.

They can be seen dancing to the tunes of Lambergini by Speed Records. While sharing the video, their daughter wrote, ““Happy Birthday Mom !! Since the world has fallen in love with you two, and since this has become your song…I thought I’d share a little more love with everyone on your birthday 😉unleashing PART 2 !! Grass, Dancefloor, or in between lunch tables, nothing will stop them !!” The video has yet again garnered quite some attention with many complimenting the performance of the happening couple.


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