Sari Sari Raat & Heer Ranjha -Two Valentines Releases From The UK


It seems as if every artist across the globe is taking advantage of Valentines Day to release new material. The UK Punjabi market is no different. Up and coming UK producer Jag Bancil has dropped Sari Sari Raat feat. Badal Talwan on vocals. Jin and Seetal the married duet couple have also released a rendition of the Punjabi folk classic Heer Ranjha.

Sari Sari Raat: 

Jag Bancil is an up and coming producer who had a good breakthrough year in 2019.  He wasted no time in releasing in 2020 either. January 2nd saw him release Sirra featuring Happe Singh on vocals. This new song Sari Sari Raat is very different to that release. The one thing it does have in common with other releases is – progression. Jag Bancil is growing with each release. More confident of his sound, more layers to his work. Mr Bancil is doing fine.

Sari Sari Raat is a love ballad and highlights a more confident method of working from the producer. Pieces, more instruments and just a lot more going on in a good way. Lets hope Sari Sari Raat is a prelude to more from Jag in 2020.

Heer Ranjha:

If you have had a live event recently the names Jin and Seetal will not be new to you. These two have bookings aplenty and this new song Heer Ranjha is designed with those bookings in mind. It keeps the married couple in the public eye and drops a hint for those looking to make bookings later on this year.

A smart video shot in Birmingham is the backdrop for Heer Ranjha. A chilled out pace throughout the song will help set the mood for anyone’s Valentines night/weekend.

Check out Jin and Seetals Heer Ranjha here:

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